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Motor Sports Unplugged is an online magazine dedicated to bringing newbie car enthusiasts and veteran gear heads together in one place where they can read up and talk shop. Started by two NASCAR pit crew vets, Motor Sports Unplugged is all about translating the technical aspects of motor sports into terms for the layperson. That’s because we believe that motor sports are for everyone and that you don’t need an advanced degree in engineering or own a bunch of muscle cars just to appreciate it!

Whether it’s motocross, NASCAR, F1, or classic cars, we’ve got articles that cover it from basics to in-depth. Our team is made up of engineers, former pit crew, car collectors, motorcycle club members, and general enthusiasts. We even accept reader submissions because we believe our readers love motor sports as much as we do.

We want to make sure that we are as inclusive as possible because we want more people to be interested in the same thing we are! We actively monitor the comments section to make sure everyone stays friendly to one another. Gate keeping is not allowed at Motor Sports Unplugged! We are a magazine about motor sports by motor sports enthusiasts and by motor sports enthusiasts.


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